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With the hope that new build will be the driving force of the residential property market revival, many lenders are now looking at how they can accommodate the return of demand to this typically buoyant market.

The majority of house builders have returned to sites in one way or another, and coupled with the return of physical valuations, two of the biggest barriers to new home ownership have been removed.

This is also good news for the Help to Buy scheme, which is typically undertaken by first-time buyers with smaller deposits, as physical valuations are generally required for higher LTV mortgage products with smaller deposits.

All in all, the green shoots of recovery seem to be evident in the new build sector, and so if you’re looking to take advantage of this and purchase a new build property, Warner Austin Mortgage Services can help. A well-stablished brokerage with over 30 years’ experience in the mortgage market, the team at Warner Austin can help guide you through the new build process. 

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